The RMP Project Incubator

The Renewable Microgrid Program (RMP) Project Incubator is engaging communities throughout Puerto Rico to develop microgrid project proposals, which will serve to attract funding and additional support for the project. The Incubator began in May 2019 and continue until the end of July 2019. The Outreach Coordinator is in the process of engaging with community organizations working with water, education, arts, social services, and more. As part of the Incubator, the community members are actively involved in collecting information from their sites and providing key information about their energy needs so that RPPR and RMI can later create a preliminary microgrid design. This design and community narrative will be included in the microgrid proposals, which the communities are actively helping to write via shared documents on the Google Drive platform. At the end of the Incubator in July, communities will participate in workshops and technical assistance sessions aimed at developing sound project proposals and connecting community groups so that they can share information and resources. Themes will include: communities’ energy needs; proponent’s organizational capacities; technical conceptualization of renewable microgrids and the quantification of community benefits generated from the proposed renewables microgrid project, microgrid maintenance commitments, and others.

The RMP Advisory Committee is comprised of 4 key sectoral leaders. The Committee has been very involved in validating the list of participants for the Project Incubator; evaluating and offering recommendations on preliminary conceptual proposals; and matching selected projects with funding sources. Upon completion of the Project Incubator, all participants will have received training in proposal development and will have a fully developed renewable microgrids proposal for fundraising. Successful proposals will be offered funding through the available financing vehicles and projects will be completed in partnership with qualified installers through a competitive procurement process.



Joan Asencio Yace

Outreach Coordinator

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